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about me

Hi, i am Maor

I'm an eager person I want to change and create/
When i have a passion and I follow it.


"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do" - Steve Jobes​​​​​​​

entrepreneur, author, Lecturer, Real Estate Investor, YouTuber, podcaster


professional skills

personal skills


 Maor Hanina is the Founder of Gemstone Finance (Tower) Company

The company provides professional and comprehensive consulting and assistance in financial matters with a unique approach of social responsibility

Their services conclude mortgage advice, recruitment of financial sources for business and loans for any purpose.

Maor: "my parents got divorced when I was one year old and my mother always had a hard time providing me and my two little sisters

And it's not only the fact that she was a single provider she didn’t know how to manage her money properly and couldn't afford any professional help

That is why I have decided to learn anything I can about financial matters so I can take care of my family and I did

But I wanted to do more and help others with that knowledge

so I have funded Gemstone Finance Company we believe in social responsibility we share tips and knowledge for free and always eager to help others and we also do full escort service to  those who needs it"

"Social Responsibility for Financial Freedom"

"Maor Hanina"

2019 - Today



Maor Hanina Founded Kalyan Israel in 2019 with Roni Hismove and Shahar Levi

The company was founded from the desire to make smoking healthier and less addictive among young people

Maor currently serves as CEO of the company Kalyan Israel - smoke without fire

2016 - 2017


Maor Hanina Founded Romeo Cooks Company in 2016 From the desire to turn home kitchens into professional kitchens  

The company was founded by a man who loved cooking for his family and so that others could also enjoy cooking for their family's    

Maor: "I have started to work at a young age and step by step I have gotten really good But I just couldn't get the same results at home because I didn’t have the professional cooking tools I had in the restaurant and those tools where or really expensive to buy or needed a lot of space and so I couldn’t make my family the same quality food I made in the restaurant

and not just that even the things I could make took much longer and believe me it was frustrating 

It even came to a point I cooked a holiday meal and I just sow on my family faces that they were disappointed and expected more it was humiliating
That's when I decided to take action to my own hands and create Romeo Cooks professional home cooking tools"

8 Steps to Happiness and Wealth


Maor Hanina first book written

The book was written in a purpose to help people find what they love in life (what is their true passion)

help them understand themselves better by answering a couple of psychology questions

and then direct them to get their life passion and a little bit on how to make money

from their passion a mind-opening book the first in a sires

English            Hebrew

• ​​​​​​​Projects Management

• ​​​​​​​Brand Development

• ​​​​​​​Marketing


• ​​​​​​​Negotiation 

​​​​​​​• ​​​​​​​High speech and Persuasion abilities

• ​​​​​​​Creativity and Innovation


• ​​​​​​​Professionalism

​​​​​​​• ​​​​​​​Positive Thinker 

Projects and Companies

Written Books

Romeo Cooks

Professional home cooking toolsclick here
Romeo Cooks

Gemstone Finance

Social Responsibility for Financial Freedomclick here
Gemstone Finance


In the podcast I talk about personal development, bussines and books sharing insights I received,

At the podcast i'm summarizing key points from familiar books like rich dad poor dad, date with a client, important and get rich

and also give tips on starting a business, running a business and finding opportunities.

The purpose of this podcast is to help you upgrade your financial status

Economic Status

Podcast by Maor Haninaclick here
סטטוס כלכלי
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2016 - 2018

   Constant Learning And Self-Development

Courses and Certifications

High school education ​​​​​​​


Independent Business Course of Bank Leumi, The Open University, Ramat Aviv, 2018.
• Course in marketing writing and rating + creating landing pages, Internet course - 2017.
SEO course SEO and YouTube, Internet course 2017.
• Amazon course establishing a private label, Internet course - 2016.
• Advanced Amazon Course Sales Psychology Customer Knowledge Marketing and Sales via Email Marketing, Internet Course - 2018.


Apart from learning the courses mentioned, Maor read a lot of textbooks in the fields in which he finds interest such as,

- date with a client by Iris Chen
- Resulting Intelligence by Dr. Didi Klein
- Sales Language by Daniel Davidson
- Daily Stock Exchange for Beginners by Zvika Bregman
- Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
- Yours in Irrationality by Dan Arieli

- What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith
- Think and get rich by Napoleon Hill and more ...

In addition, he summarizes all the books he reads so he can refresh the information and use later ...

High school education - full matriculation in business administration, ORT Givatayim.
• A final score of 90 in Business Administration
• Getting to the semi-finals of a national competition in the Young Entrepreneurs Program
• Integration of work after school hours

Maor Hanina was born in israel on May 13, 1997, to his parents Yosef and Liora Hanina.

They divorced when Maor was a year old and Since then his mother raised him,

Maor has 2 little sisters Liron and Bar.

Self - Education



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